The next generation of a virtual data room for due diligence is being developed by Ideals

Virtual data room provider iDeals is one of the most popular in its field. With a lot of fans among its users, the company does not stand still and continues to grow and develop. With its constant desire to become better for its customers, the company has introduced a new generation of virtual data rooms for due diligence. Here is a brief overview of the improved platform.

How is iDeals’ due diligence tool better than other solutions?

If you’ve been searching for an efficient and effective online due diligence tool for a long time, you simply can’t do without iDeals’ cloud-based platform. Its clear and simple feature set requires no specialist knowledge, but is suitable for performing company audits in a variety of areas:

  • Financial industry;
  • Real estate market;
  • In the field of law;
  • Biotechnology and many more.

It does not matter how long your company has been in business or the size of its business. 

How do I use the Virtual Data Room tools to conduct a due diligence assessment?

The due diligence assessment process almost always looks the same. The iDeals tools are suitable for this purpose in various areas of business. Here are a few examples:

  1. Law. The virtual data room provided by iDeals helps you work with hundreds of clients simultaneously. In addition, auditing tools can be used to create an elaborate system for storing large volumes of information. State-of-the-art cyber security certificates are used to provide a higher level of protection for data that contains sensitive security.
  2. Financials. iDeals options help you conduct due diligence assessments as quickly as possible. And all your due diligence reports can be stored in one place, giving authorized individuals separate access to all of them. You don’t have to worry about their safekeeping.
  3. Biotechnology. A new, fast-growing field that makes the most of virtual data rooms. Their tools can be used not only to store important information about new developments but also to check projects for compliance with current biotech standards.
  4. Information technology. The iDeals virtual data room can be used to conduct transactions between companies and to assess their assets and market reputation. Not only documents relating to cooperation or merger will be stored, but also the activity history of particular users, thus helping to monitor the openness of cooperation.
  5. Energy. Such a strategically important industry can also make use of iDeals auditing tools. In particular, they can be used to audit companies in the supply chain, their activities for compliance with current legislation and environmental regulations, data on well development projects, and more. The virtual data room will also be useful in attracting investors and capital, issuing development licenses, or closing various types of deals.

Every client who contacts iDeals will be given a due diligence checklist for their area through which the Data Room Index can be tailored to meet their business standards. And you need not worry about missing any points – iDeals offers tools for comprehensive legal, financial, tax and operational due diligence.