Providers state their data room about to operate on EU servers

A business without a server is like a farm without a farmer. What a company! Having your own server is now a necessity for remote system administrators, game developers, private computer graphics specialists, freelancers who have carved themselves into the niche of providing services to gamers – the list goes on and on.

Assembling a powerful server yourself and installing it at home or in the office is expensive, technically difficult and even unsafe. And that doesn’t make sense either, because you can choose a hosting provider that will throw everything on your plate and save you the hassle.

Servers Abroad

In order not to bite your elbows later, you must immediately decide whether to bet on local hosts or to put what is most valuable to you somewhere in a secluded and safe place: in Poland, Germany and even better – in England. Why in England? Data centers in England have many advantages:

  • the application infrastructure is at a very high level and includes a monitoring system that automatically monitors the control parameters;
  • servers are connected to the World Wide Web via uplinks totaling more than 100 Gbits of external channels;
  • there is direct peering with London Internet Exchange (a traffic exchange point used by more than 700 participants), which guarantees minimal signal delay;
  • high error tolerance (single point of failure missing):
  • service Level Agreement indicator for individual dedicated servers – up to 99, 995%;
  • Tier3 reliability level (literally everything is duplicated on servers), etc.

English and not inferior to the data center of the Netherlands (Holland). Some conditions are even more attractive here:

  • direct connection to the network via multiple uplinks that add up to 2 Tbps;
  • peering with NLIX, the largest European Internet Exchange in Europe, whose network connects more than 70 servers in 13 countries;
  • scalability – the ability to update your server during the process. That is, if the resources are insufficient, you will be instructed to increase the capacity. In this case, you don’t have to give up one server, order another and move.

So if you need a powerful and reliable server, you should look for it in Europe. But not alone, because you will face many difficulties in the form of the need to communicate in a non-native language, to pay for services to a foreign account and in their currency, etc. It is better to choose a hosting provider that has server capacities in Europe. An example of such a company is INTROSERV Hosting, which offers dedicated servers not only in England, Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, but also in Canada and the USA.


We list the main advantages of renting servers abroad:

    • comprehensive information protection
    • fault tolerance;
    • fuse;
    • powerful and productive server.


The market for hosting providers is a very fierce competition that perfectly inspires companies and doesn’t let them lose their cool. In order to attract customers, hosters modernize data centers, improve conditions, distribute various goodies to customers in the form of discounts, gifts and additional free services. No on this phone as much as possible. An example of such a service is INTROSERV. The company offers dedicated servers in the best data centers in Europe and America. What is especially interesting data room about packages and tariff plans, of which there are several dozen?

The Final Control On The Server Is IP-KVM

Want to take full control of a remote server? If it is genuine, it will be installed in the KVM switch with the IP address. This is in fact a separate computer that allows remote access to the working server at the BIOS level. KVM enables:

      • turn on or off the power to the server;
      • restart the server yourself;
      • Troubleshoot and troubleshoot the BIOS on the server if the operating system will not boot.
      • monitor the iron condition;
      • with the virtual media function.

KVM is a complete server management tool (remote management module with virtual console) that allows you to install the operating system on the server yourself and reinstall it at any time. If not, Console/Media is connected to Virtual Media.

You cannot order an IP KVM with virtual media function on INTROSERV servers (iRMC permanently costs 5 euros in cheap tariffs, iRMC is optionally installed in expensive tariffs), but only a temporary IP KVM controller for remote management if required.

Completely Installed With the Appropriate Firewall

A hardware firewall (also called a firewall) is one of the most effective security measures. It can hardly be called the Iron Curtain, but it perfectly performs its functions. And its main task is to filter data packets.

Why and who exactly needs it? First, to protect the entire local network, not just one computer. In addition, it “catches” not only external, but also internal threats that may appear on the LAN.

Backup Hosting: Keep Eggs in Separate Baskets

However, a server is not required, so it is not regularly possible to delete the backup and save it on this server. For what reason? First, no one is immune to force majeure and disasters. Imagine a UFO has fallen on your data center. Your data must be stored in different data centers, countries, states. Even if half of the planet is blown away by one meteorite, the fuse remains on the second.

And secondly, the server can suffer from your own mistake. Remember the saying: We don’t need enemies, we can deal with them ourselves. FTP Backup is a guarantee that you can restore the system at any time or, for example, view all versions of the system for a year (you can save an almost unlimited number of backups).

Create Your Own Virtual Local Network

Do you rent multiple servers between which you need to transfer information quickly and securely? Keep the virtual VLAN! Let the local community know about the channel’s private links. Servers can be physically connected to one or different switches. You will get:

      • closed secure communication channel, for example between a database and some services;
      • your high-speed Internet connection channel that does not occupy a transmission channel;
      • what is possible about the VLAN if you choose this traffic.

H: No Setup Fees

There are no installation fees on all INTROSERV servers. This means that a server with the selected configuration is put together for you personally, completely free of charge, and all additional devices are installed on it and the software loaded.