Fortnite building tips

Everyone wants to be victorious. However, the will to win is lost after the Fortnite encounter with the builder. This guide will help you understand some of the basic building rules in Fortnite.

About Fortnite

The company announced the release of Fortnite back in 2011. The studio wanted to create a project at the junction of two popular genres – the angular Minecraft game universe and the eerie horror shooter Left 4 Dead. Particular attention has been paid to the in-game scenes, which are so well crafted that it makes you feel like you’re watching a Pixar cartoon. The massive popularity of Fortnite as an esports discipline was ensured by the Battle Royale mode.

The essence of the game

The player is transported to the distant past, where he will face the consequences of a certain global cataclysm and its consequences in the form of terrible storms. But that’s not all: the cities are gradually being taken over by the walking dead, who seek to destroy all life on earth and turn people into their own kind. The survivors are forced to fight for life and unite in teams to figure out everything that happens and save the planet from extinction. The storyline campaign is divided into missions, for the completion of which the player gains experience and valuable trophies. First, you and your team will collect resources and rescue survivors. Then, after completing a certain number of quests, take on the construction of a protected fort, which will be equipped with everything you need, including ammunition. The final stage is that you have to wage bloody battles with waves of walking dead invaders. To survive, you need to build and fortify a fort, collect all kinds of useful resources and, of course, fight with opponents.

Construction Basics

The building is a revolutionary mechanic for the shooter genre. It allows you not only to run around the map and shoot enemies but introduces a tactical component into the game (specifically, into the battle itself). If you do not know how to build in Fortnight, then most likely, when fighting with the first enemy, he will kill you, since construction gives cover, and also allows you to take a more advantageous position.

There are 4 key types of building blocks: walls, roofs, stairs, and floors. It is not easy for beginners to adapt to these building options and understand the difference between them. Each variety has its characteristics, suitable for a certain style of play.

To understand how to get good at Fortnite you need to learn the resources from which you can build. They are wood, stone, and iron. Wood is the most useful but at the same time the most fragile material in the game. The stone can be obtained by breaking brick houses, or huge stones scattered around the map. Iron is the most durable material in the game. Iron is the hardest to get – mostly machines scattered around the map, of which there are not so many.

The most important constructions are:

  • A vertical wall is very useful when you need to quickly hide from enemy bullets.
  • The ladder allows you to climb to high places and also occupies not the last place in the construction.
  • Horizontal wall. The floor helps you build bridges (or patch holes in something to get to something), just as stairs help you build defenses.
  • The roof is actually a very rare element, it can only be useful for strengthening the bridge or hide you from the enemy in a critical situation.