Tom Henderson / June 27, 2018 1:11 PM

The Red Knight Could be Set to Return

Season 2 is making a return!

With the release of Patch v4.5.0, Battle Hound, Venturion and Ventura owners all received new Back Blings for free. The new Back Blings were the long-awaited Fortnite capes and it's safe to say that they do look pretty awesome.

In addition to the new capes, a bunch of new skins and emotes were added to the game files, and one item in particular has peaked our interest. Also added to the game files was the new Crimson Axe harvesting tool. While it may seem like a coincidence at first that it follows the same theme as Season 2’s Red Knight, the item is referred to as ‘Pickaxe-Flintlock-RedKnight’ in the game files. This may hint at a re-release of the infamously rare skin which last appeared on February 20th.

For quite some time fans have wanted to see the return of the older classics skins in Fortnite and recent rumors suggest that they could indeed return, but as a very limited time only item. Many fans believe the skins will return as a super rare store update, where the skin can only be bought for a very small amount of time, like 60 minutes or so.

If the new items added to the game files is anything to go by, the Red Knight could make a return in the very near future.

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