Tom Henderson / August 23, 2018 8:01 AM

Fortnite 'Road Trip' Skin Revealed

Do you like it?

Epic Games' latest patch V5.30 has included the Road Trip skin within its game files and several leakers online have dived into the games code to reveal it.

This is what the skin looks like. As expected, it’s a hooded figure, and it’s called “Enforcer”:

That’s…a pretty badass skin, and even though “Road Trip” may have implied something a bit different, it seems like we’re back in superhero/supervillain territory to some extent.

While the Enforcer skin has been leaked in the game files, that’s not the only place he shows up. He’s also a fixture in the week 8 loading screen, which seems to promise some sort of invasion taking place in Fortnite during that week.

The screen shows not just one Enforcer, but at least three bursting through a rift riding the missing motel sign. They are crashing the “summer fun” party that the dinosaur duo, Drift and Brite Bomber have been having all summer long, and this appears like it’s going to be the defining event of the season. The game files also hint at some sort of in-game event that’s right now just called “Cube,” which may have something to do with whatever is going to happen with this invasion in week 8.

The Enforcer's Back Bling is also a riot sheild, and it looks awesome! 

What's your thoughts on the new Enforcer skin? Did you know that a Flamethrower is coming to Fortnite? You can check that information out by clicking here.

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