Tom Henderson / June 25, 2018 12:52 PM

Leaked Map Changes coming to Fortnite's v4.50 Update

The Rocket has launched!

IGN's latest high resolution Fortnite Battle Royale map has accidently leaked some new differences coming in the next update, v4.5.0.

Several changes will be hitting the maps most high-trafficked areas, Dusty Divot and Tilted Towers, but one massive change could reveal what's planned in the near future for Fortnite. 

Dusty Divot

Although it's a small change, more trees have been added to the crater at Dusty Divot:

Tilted Towers

A new building has been added to Tilted Towers to replace the previous one which was struck by a meteorite at the start of Season 4:

Villain’s Lair

The biggest change coming to the Fortnite map is definitely the Villain's Liar, which now seems to lack a rocket. This suggests the rocket has been launched, so we could see some massive changes in the map the following week.

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