Tom Henderson / August 9, 2018 10:10 AM

How to Get Fortnite 'Galaxy' Skin For Free

It's Fortnite's Rarest Skin.

The new Fortnite Galaxy will be, by far, the rarest Fortnite skin to ever grace the game, but believe it or not, it is technically free.

Epic’s Tim Sweeney just took the stage at Samsung’s Note 9 reveal event to announce both that the Android beta is available now to Galaxy users, and will be live for all compatible Android devices later this week.

But he also announced how you get that exclusive Galaxy skin, and the criteria will likely make it one of the most exclusive ones in the game. The only way to get the Galaxy skin is to play Fortnite on either a Galaxy Note 9 or a Galaxy Tab 4, the latter of which is Samsung’s latest tablet.

So, it’s not that you need to play on Android. It’s not that you need to play on Android on a Samsung device. It’s not that you need to play on Android on a Samsung Galaxy. It’s that you can only get it through playing on two very specific, very new devices.

Although paying $650 - $1000 doesn't make the skin free, luckily you don't need to own the device in order to get the Galaxy skin. Instead, if you wanted too, you could sign into someone's Galaxy Note 9 or a Galaxy Tab 4 and get the skin for nothing. Of course, please remember that you'll be entering your username and password on someone elses device, so ensure that the person that owns the device is trusting. 

Will you be getting the new Fortnite Galaxy skin?

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