Tom Henderson / July 17, 2018 5:18 AM

Content Update v5.0 – New SMG added & Tactical SMG vaulted

Goodbye, old friend.

Epic has released the patch notes for Content Update v5.0 featuring the new Submachine Gun weapon. Here’s everything you need to know about today’s update:

Submachine Gun (Battle Royale)
Make enemies think twice before they push you. Run and gun with the new Submachine Gun, ideal for those intense close range battles.

Weapons + Items

  • Submachine Gun added.
    • Available in Common, Uncommon, and Rare variants.
      • 19-21 base damage.
    • Uses Light Ammo.
    • 30 round capacity.
    • Can be found in floor loot and chests.
  • Tactical SMG has been added to the Vault.
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle damage increased to 75/78 from 63/66.

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