Tom Henderson / July 16, 2018 6:31 AM

Lights for Upgraded Ragnarok Could be Coming

Different light combinations, anyone?

Epic had introduced the concept of having upgrades for skins in Season 4 with Carbide and Omega. In Season 4 when players had reached level 80, they were able to unlock different lights for Omega. For Season 5, there are different styles to unlock for both the Drift and Ragnarok skins, however no lights for progressing in level.

Reddit user Sergeant-Jonesy has suggested that there should be lights for the Tier 100 Ragnarok, as seen below:

This post caught the attention of Fortnite’s Design Lead, Eric Williamson, who replied with "How would you earn/unlock the different colors?"

Looks like it could be implemented in Fortnite if Epic figure out a way to make unlocking the lights achievable and rewarding. Epic have a history of adding in fan concepts into the game, and this could well be the next one that makes it into the game.

Reddit user Grandwhish has suggested the following:
But how about a set challenge for each specific colour? Like
Red: 15 eliminations with every gun type, AR, sniper, pistols, shotguns and smgs.
Purple: win 5 matches
Green: Unlock red and purple to see last challenge or something mysterious like that.

Reddit user ALilParasite has suggested the following for unlocking different colors:
Blue is standard, red should be like 500 kills. Green 20,000 materials harvested, purple like 30 wins.

How do you think lights should be unlocked for the Ragnarok?

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