Tom Henderson / July 14, 2018 10:47 AM

The Merry Marauder Skin to Return

It's Christmas already?

Epic recently decided to bring back the Red Knight to the Item Shop and despite some criticism, it was a tremendous success for Epic Games. Although figures are not entirely accurate, it's estimated that the skin made a whopping $20 million. With the success of the Red Knight, it's very likely that the return of other old skins will return, one of which could be the Merry Marauder. 

The Merry Marauder skin was first available in the item shop on January 3rd, and was last seen on January 31st. In total, the skin has been available to purchase in the item shop 6 times and the 7th could be on the way. 

Several days ago, 2 new skins were added to the Item Shop and Fortnite tweeted out the image in order for some additional marketing. However, in the background, it appears as though the Merry Marauder is looking straight at the camera, which is something the PR manage of Epic Games highlighted in a tweet.

Although this doesn't entirely confirm that the Merry Marauder will be making a return, it does seem to tease the rumors that yes, Epic Games do plan on bringing back all of the old skins. 

What's your thoughts on Epic bringing back old skins to Fortnite?

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