Tom Henderson / July 11, 2018 8:38 AM

Season 5 to Feature Multiple Themes

It's an historic season

Since the infamous rocket launch in Fortnite, the map has been scattered with portals that have been taking things out of the map, but also bringing new items in. At the moment it seems like the portals are random, but they are revealing something much deeper. The portals have been taking away items that are modern landmarks and have been adding historic items such as the pirates boat anchor and old cowboy carriage.

Over the past several months, TwoEpicBuddies has been responsible for releasing leaked information in regards to Fortnite Battle Royale by diving into the games code. Now, TwoEpicBuddies has revealed that Season 5 of Fortnite will be history themed, and we could be in with a wild amount of new skins.

Fortnite Season 5 will contain different historic era's, from pirates to knights and each weekly theme will feature new skins and a LTM weapon that could fit into that theme as well. For example with an ancient Egyptian theme, we could see spears or an ancient crossbow as a LTM weapon, but then once that week has expired, it would be removed.

So far, several portals have released new items, potentially hinting at different themes coming to Fortnite Season 4. With the addition on the Fortnite Season 5 promotional material that the official Twitter account has also been releasing, we have several different themes that have been hinted at for Season 5.

The pirate ship anchor, cowboy carriage and dinosaur bones, tell us that we could see pirates, cowboys and dinosaurs as three themes in Season 5. Plus, we also have the addition of the viking axe and egyptian mask that could tell us we're also getting a viking and ancient egyptian theme during Season 5 too. 

It's not entirely clear on what Season 5 of Fortnite will bring, but it's clear there will be a massive history theme. 

There is also the possibility of Gun Game coming to Fortnite too, which you can check out here.

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