Tom Henderson / July 5, 2018 2:03 PM

Playground LTM to go Temporarily Offline July 12

The mode will be permanent on its re-release.

Epic Games has announced on Reddit that they will be taking the Playground LTM offline on July 12 to make updates for the next version of the mode when it returns. The new Playground LTM will not be limited-timed however and will become a permanent mode in Fortnite Battle Royale. 

Epic wants the mode to have new features including the ability to select teams within the mode allowing more customization with the Playground LTM.

For the next version of Playground we’re hoping to include functionality that would allow team selection options within the Playground itself. Here’s a few things you would gain with the ability to select teams:

  • 1v1s and 2v2s
  • Aim assist for controllers
  • Editing other player’s structures
  • Traps affecting teammates/enemies correctly
  • Highlighting teammates on the map
  • Damaging enemies with your pickaxe

The Playground LTM represents our first step into what a full creative mode looks like in Fortnite. And remember, you will have until the release of v5.0 to access your Playground LTM replays.

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