10 Best Fortnite Creative codes

To play Fortnight well, it is not enough to sit for hours in matchmaking – you must not forget about training on special maps. They can be used for a warm-up and for improving the skill in Fortnite.

Fortnite – the most played online game

To understand Fortnite’s success, you need to go back to the king of 2017 online shooters. We are talking, of course, about PUBG – the creation of the Korean BlueHole studio, which for the first time qualitatively implemented the mechanics of the “royal battle”.

Fortnite has evolved from an obscure PvE title to the most multiplayer phenomenon in video game history, but the Epic Games team hasn’t stopped there. Although Battle Royale mode receives regular updates, the team also produced a creative mode. This mode enables players to set up their Battle Royale maps, and create the game of their dreams.

Fortnite creative codes: the best custom maps

So, the list of the top 10 Best Fortnite creative codes includes:

  • World race – 3229-4676-3571

This parkour card from the creators of wc19 was presented in the Fortnite World Cup final, providing a team platform for 16 players. Each pair competes to win more coins than the opposition, and a smooth jump in pixels is required for smooth movement.

  • Tumble Lads: 5361-9496-2479

There are eight mini-games to start on this map, all based on levels from the popular Fall Guys game like Hex-A-Gone. It’s incredibly fun and one of the most beautiful Fortnight maps we’ve ever seen.

  • Slide Nation Deathrun 7901-8789-8064

Another great Fortnite interactive map that changed the type of play a lot, because instead of running a lot, you’re going to slide a lot. There are ten great levels in a wide variety of themes.

  • Paranoia hysterical 2 1520-4763-6403

Paranoia Tantrum 2 has a spooky atmosphere, a colorful story, multiple endings, many discoveries, and much more! This is not your average map, it uses a variety of different tactics to immerse you in the atmosphere and scare you! You are trapped in a dungeon and you need to solve several puzzles and explore the map.

  • Props Hunt 1662-3121-3063

Enter several different cars and hide like a piece of trash! These are dirty cabins, so you will have a lot of different things to hide. If you are a hunter, you need to clean up, so find people who are hiding. For every wrong shot you take damage, so you can’t spam everything you see.

Among training cards in Fortnite there are:

  • 5531-1890-2291

This map is geared towards Fortnite aim training with an emphasis on shotguns. The author came up with a bunch of simulators, including a large ice-covered slope and a huge set of goals. Shooting a shotgun is a pleasure to train on this map.

  • 3847-4226-5095

On this map, you can train to aim with a bunch of zombies coming at you, small targets that require perfect accuracy or moving platforms for a full-fledged aim training in Fortnight.

  • 8022-6842-4965

This is a top card based on the KovaaK simulator game sold on Steam. The main difference is that you can train for free at Fortnite, and there are a lot of training opportunities.

  • 2889-5729-6480

The perfect Fortnite aiming map that’s available on all platforms: desktop, mobile, console, and Switch. The island is made in a minimalist style, but this does not negate its top-notch – this workout is recommended by the popular English-speaking Fortnite streamers Tfue, Symfuhny, and Chap.

  • 7562-1598-0199

With the help of this map, you can train not only the construction but also the accuracy of shooting in Fortnite.